Oak Y2 Urn (200 Cu.In Capacity)

  1. Cremation, Urns, End Fittings
  2. Ash Caskets
  3. Oak Y2 Urn (200 Cu.In Capacity)
DIMENSIONS: 6.25" x 7.75" x 10.875"
Oak Finish
Part: SU1/Y2

Item description:

Oak Urn

  • Boxed urn/cremation casket 
  • Made from oak 
  • Understated yet classic design 
  • Light wood finish 
  • Can be personalised with a name plate 

Offering an alternative design to the traditional vase urn, this simple yet classic box-shaped urn comes in a light-stained finish and is crafted from oak wood. 

Packed 1 item per carton

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