Dove Scatter Tube

OTHER: Max Width 13cm / Max Height 37cm

Item description:

Dove Scatter Tube

  • Comes with easy-to-follow instructions for inserting ashes. 
  • Offers a practical and dignified method for scatter ceremonies. 
  • Suitable for travel and airline cabin storage 
  • Dove design – symbolising peace, purity and faith. 
  • Standard size (one adult) 

Offering practicality and affordability, our scatter tubes are ideal for spreading cremation ashes in an easy and dignified way. 

This scatter tube adorns the image of a dove, which has been traditionally associated with the Christian faith as a symbol of God’s presence. This scatter tube would be the perfect ceremony tool for someone who was deeply connected to their faith, or for those who you wish to give a peaceful sendoff to.  

Our scatter tubes are made from card and contain no metal components, allowing ease for those travelling with in-cabin airline luggage. Comes in standard sizing, which houses one adult. 

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