Aluminium 44 Urn

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OTHER: 28cm (3.5L)
ITEM WEIGHT: 2.200kg
Grey, Aluminium

Item description:

Aluminium Urn

  • Aluminum material offering an affordable alternative to brass. 
  • Engraved vine pattern 
  • Screwtop lid 
  • Grey ombre design with glossy finish 
  • Lightweight, allowing for easy travel and transportation 

We understand that not everyone can afford brass urns. Our aluminum base urns not only offer a more affordable option to brass but are also non-heavy and easy to carry – making them ideal for travel and transporting cremated remains. 

Simple yet elegant, this decorative urn has a grey ombre design base with a silver engraved vine border. This urn is large enough to hold the ashes of an adult up to 90kg, which will be kept safe via the secure lid. 

Packed 1 item per carton

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