Coffin Trolleys

Our coffin trolleys are made specially for the funeral trade to help make the transport of coffins easier.  

We supply coffin trolleys that are both fixed and collapsible. Each coffin trolley comes with caster/swivel wheels to allow ease of movement and can carry up to 72 stone in weight. 

For enquiries or to receive a price quote for our coffin trolleys, get in touch by calling 0121 380 0300, emailing, or by using the chatbox in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Fixed Bier Coffin Trolley

Our Fixed Bier Coffin Trolley offers strong and sturdy support to easily transport coffins and other heavy funeral equipment. Coming in a painted cream finish, this coffin trolley features 5-inch caster/swivel wheels in a rubber finish to allow ease of movement in any direction and can transport weight of up to 72 stone. Suitable for use in funeral homes, mortuaries and crematoriums.  

DIMENSIONS: 889mm x 482mm x 635mm

Collapsible 4-Square Lattice Coffin Trolley

Our 4 Square Lattice Coffin Trolley is an easily collapsible yet durable coffin trolley with steel framing and 7-inch diameter caster/swivel wheels for improved strength. Its collapsible design makes it suitable for moving coffins outside the funeral home and mortuary, such as in hearses (especially in the new lowline hearses where space for equipment is limited). Compact yet powerful, our 4 Square Lattice Coffin Trolley can transport up to 72 stone in weight and is the longest collapsible coffin trolley in our line.

Looking for a collapsible coffin trolley that is smaller and more lightweight? Be sure to check out our Lattice Model 1 Coffin Trolley.

If you need a coffin trolley suitable for use in the funeral home, mortuary or crematorium, see our Fixed Bier Coffin Trolley.

DIMENSIONS: 850mm x 546mm
ITEM WEIGHT: 14.5kgs

Collapsible Lattice Model 1 Coffin Trolley

Our Collapsible Lattice Mode 1 Coffin Trolley is a lighter and shorter-in-length version of the Collapsible 4-Square Lattice Coffin Trolley. Like the 4-Square Lattice, it features steel framing and 7-inch diameter caster/swivel wheels for improved strength, with a collapsible design suitable for vehicle transportation and storage. The Collapsible Lattice Mode 1 Coffin Trolley is a sturdy and powerful piece of funeral equipment that offers the perfect solution for funeral directors needing a more compact and space conscious coffin transporter. 

DIMENSIONS: 806mm x 546mm