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Funeral Manager

Is the definitive solution for computer systems in the funeral industry into the next millennium. The software will work with all versions of Microsoft Windows from XP upwards and is tried and tested and in use in a number of Funeral Homes the length and breadth of the country.

The Package

Is a fully integrated system for the management of Funeral Businesses of all sizes and contains the following modules:

Funeral Booking - used to process a funeral booking form "First Call" to final account and beyond. Once data is entered it can be recalled at anytime in the future. A typical modern desktop computer can store details on over 200,000 funerals and still give rapid access to any given record.

Donation collation - collates all charitable donations received for a given funeral and when the user decides to close that particular account, can generate all the necessary paperwork.

Sundry Invoices - can be used to raise and store details of invoices for items that fall outside a normal funeral account. This part of the system is very flexible and can be used in a wide number of ways. For instance it may be used to raise an account for flowers provided for another member of the family, or possibly an invoice for carrying out a removal for another Funeral Director.

Pre Paid - With the rapid growth of the pre paid market it is vital to have a database that is customised to the types of plans you are selling and we have a wide experience in customising this module to the user’s specific needs. In addition some of the basic data stored on a pre-paid record can be automatically inserted into a funeral booking and the pre-paid record marked as having been carried out.